Project Development

Successful projects begin with conceptualization and articulation of innovative ideas that will address audience needs and will advance the field of informal science education. Marcussen & Associates will help clients conduct audience research; develop project deliverables; identify and recruit collaborative partners and advisors; review relevant literature and prior work; create plans for project research, evaluation, and dissemination; and develop project budgets and timelines.

Proposal Writing and Editing

M&A will produce progressive drafts of proposal narratives which are clear, concise, and state a compelling case for your project. We also conduct detailed reviews and editing of proposals already in progress, which involves an evaluation of the content of a proposal similar to the review conducted by funding agencies.

Proposal Management

Many organizations lack a dedicated staff person to manage the numerous time-intensive tasks required to prepare a major federal grant proposal. M&A will develop and oversee a proposal timeline, identify and prioritize internal team tasks, coordinate project partnerships that span several institutions, and ensure that proposal development activities progress in a timely manner to meet deadlines.

Technical Assistance

M&A helps clients navigate the technicalities of proposal guidelines, forms, and protocol. This includes setup on the federal FastLane website and coaching your team on how to manage this process within your institution. Follow-up services consist of guidance on final negotiation with funders, grant management, submission of interim and final reports, and opportunities for additional funding.

Coaching and Mentoring

Many organizations have competent project leaders and grant writers, yet wish to build their capacity in order to compete in the national arena. M&A will coach project leaders and internal teams throughout all phases of project and proposal development, and mentor individual grant writers on specific assignments.

Voiceover and Narration

In addition to project and proposal development, Mary is also available for voice work for films, documentaries, and audiobooks. She just performed the primary narration for the digital edition of the IMAX film, Antarctica's Penguin Emporers 3D, released in 2014. Mary works in partnership with a professional recording studio.


Contact for more information:
Mary Marcussen
(707) 996-2710